Regular Viking

Once they hit puberty Vikings grow their beards long and thick and at this point it can become hard to tell one from another. Many of their women folk in fact determine their husbands from smell alone!

Their beards are not just a fashion statement but are essential for survival in these harsh conditions. Many Vikings enjoy a refreshing Ice dip after a sauna… the problem is the water is so cold in these parts that it has been known that the Vikings get trapped in the ice! Their beards keep them warm and trap enough air to keep them alive until someone realises and frees them.


This spirit wants your help but what for? Who was he and what happens if you do help him?


Everyone likes chicken right? Well no actually Trolls don't! They are not vegetarian...they eat just about anything in fact! Chicken however causes such a strong reaction in trolls that it makes them explode! So keep your chickens close by!

Two Headed Troll!

Much like Yetis, the Loch Ness Monster and Little Green Men, all cultures have their own myths and legends. In the world of Icebreaker many believe in the ‘Two Headed Troll’. Though it has never been proven to exist there is such a following that it has resulted in many to wear the now infamous ‘I believe’ T-Shirts, carry Bumper Stickers on their boats and even take tours along the sites that the Two Headed Troll is said to have been spotted!

Most Scientists discount the existence however and consider it to be little more than folklore, misidentification and Vikings dressing up to hoax others. Though it is true that many troll species have evolved to suit their surroundings, the idea that one could adapt so much as to grow a second head has been labelled preposterous.

The Shopkeeper

Throughout the game you will come across the Shopkeeper. He is a businessman…you can think of him as a cross between a used car salesman and a self-help guru….erm nice…yeah he is the sort of businessman you might not always want cold calling you at 7.30 when you’re eating your dinner!

He has his uses though he is able to sell you some pretty nifty ‘god powers’ that will help you in the game…can you resist his ‘amazing’ offers and his compelling sales banter?

Cave Troll

Usually found deep underground this is one of the smallest and most vulnerable types of troll. Like a hermit crab they protect themselves using the remains of other creatures...for crabs that means our world that would be skulls...creepy! Oh and did we mention they have wings? Trolls can take many shapes and forms...though people don't know why this happens. Perhaps it’s their environment that changes them...or perhaps just to be gross? Just be sure not to park your boat underneath if you don't want it covering in poop!

The Mechanical Doorbell

Bleep Bleep!
Not the biggest talker in the game!

The Skull!

Roll up Roll up and try the skulls many fairground attractions like the classic 'Kill a Troll win a Doll' and the Hot Air Joyride - with crows! Who could resist?

Nobody knows what happened to ‘The Skulls’ flesh but it is said that he lost in an unfortunate game of cards and has been trying to buy it back ever since!

The Blacksmith

The blacksmith is missing! He was last seen having problems crafting hammers for the Hammerfest event...some of them were a bit too powerful! Could this have something to do with his disappearance? Will he ever be seen again? Only time (erm and buying the game) will tell!

The Village Chief

The Chief is leader over the whole village. He has been doing it a long time... maybe a little too long as he seems to be getting a little forgetful in his twilight years. At the start of the game he helps you learn the skills you need to compete in the Hammerfest games to become an Icebreaker. Which we guess is important as it is the name of the game after-all!

He will appear later in your quest from time to time to erm... check out how your getting along !?! Ah bless, the harmless old chap clearly has too much time on his hands.

The Common Troll

The Common troll is just one of many types of trolls you will come across on your Viking Voyage. Common Trolls tend to be amongst the most “sticky” variety and they are fairly stupid, so don't expect an intelligent conversation! They also eat pretty much anything, including Vikings.

Eeek! Best give them a wide birth.

The Goat Herder

Living with just goats for company for too long has clearly sent him off the rails. He may want your help rescuing his goats, but he doesn’t seem too interested in helping you in your own quest much.


Some of you may be familiar with this Viking form of transport. Who needs cars or horses when you can tie a rope around a crow and fly your way there. YE HA! Giddy up... erm crow?

Mountain Troll

The largest type of troll that ever roamed the Viking lands... folk says they were as big as mountains (hence the name we guess!)

As much as it would be impressive to see one, I’m glad they’re no longer around to get in the Icebreakers way. Yep definitely not in this game... definitely!

The Gate Keeper (and his Mum!)

First up we have the Gate Keeper. This character primarily serves to charge a toll in order to pass a few gates in the game (so that’s what those coins and chests are all about!)

He looks quite menacing doesn’t he? Kind of like Gollum or a balding Steve Buscemi....creepy! Well appearances can be deceptive as it turns out he is a bit of a mummy’s boy and still lives at home. He tries his best to act hard only to be upstaged by his mum offering you in for a cup of tea!

Why is he so money hungry?, why does he still live with his mum? and more importantly why is he the only person in this game that can’t grow a beard?.....all these and more may or may not be answered in the full version of Icebreaker!!

The Cutting Master

Next Up meet the Cutting Master! He is the hero of the village and he knows it! Modesty is not his strong point liking nothing better than declaring himself the best at everything he does and encouraging Ice Sculptures likenesses be carved in his honour!

After fast taking over the first pack with his overbearing personality his is lost with the other Vikings to the great wind! Surely his arrogance won’t be missed! Unfortunately we have a sneaky feeling he may return a little later in the game to ‘charm’ us once more! After all they don’t call him the Cutting Master for nothing....or maybe they do!

Icebreaker (You know... That guy on the longboat)

We couldn’t very well finish this article without covering the main man! Or well at least the character you play as in the game. He should really have a name by now but he does at least have a personality...yay!!

Following the great wind that sweeps through the village he along with the village chief are the only two remaining! The Vikings need saving and by default of the lack of alternatives you are given sole responsibility of saving the day.....nice!

You wouldn’t think it to look at him but he is only 25! Hard paper round you may think but this is a respectable age to reach in this village....Yikes! He starts the game taking part in the annual Hammerfest competition to become the slave...err... we mean apprentice of his idol the Cutting Master!

He may be a little wet behind the ears at the start but pretty soon he will become a mighty....ok so maybe he stays a little bit of a noob! You will learn to love him all the same though or else be forced to use the handy skip function and pretend he is not cruel!

Graham the Goat (and other goat friends)

On a cold height of summer morning you will be sure to see Graham on the hillside chomping on….well anything he can find really! Goats in the game may be tasty treat for the Trolls but our nameless hero can’t be near them for fear of their freaky goggle eyes!

He may be but one of many of the Shepherds goats in the game but he is the Nitrome teams favourite with a cheeky smile that makes him stand out a mile from the other identically pixeled goats (“Tiffany is an easier goat to identify with in my opinion” – Martin).